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Candidate School

The first day of school always brings with it a myriad of emotions: Fear, excitement, anticipation, and the list goes on. My thoughts are, "Oh no, another two weeks of school!"In my mind, I have just finished school. I am not too excited about having to take classes again, but here we are, packing and planning for our first session of classes. Candidate School runs from Monday, July 9th, through Friday, July 21st.

This will be a great time of meeting new people who have the same goal and missions focus as Lisa and I do. They will be just as excited about the same things we are excited about. We will all be able to discuss plans and strategies for reaching the lost. This will be the first time in a long time that Lisa and I will be able to have long discussions with other missionaries about vision, ideas, goals and fears. We are also looking forward to learning from veteran missionaries as they instruct us in their different areas of expertise.

We covet your prayers as these two weeks will be filled with much information. The goal of Candidate Seminar is for the candidates to emerge as "Professional Missionaries." The first week will be primarily focused on getting to know our Mission Board, Biblical Ministries Worldwide. The second week will be filled with a variety of sessions dealing with anything from traveling and raising support to setting goals and strategies for when we get to the field. It will be a great time of growth and learning. One thing we appreciate about BMW is their commitment to life-long learning. We have a whole lifetime ahead of us, as much as God allows, and we are very excited to begin this learning process! Please join Lisa and I as we go on this journey together.

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Our hearts are burdened for the Ecuadorian people who have never heard the Gospel, people who have been blinded by traditions and customs. We hope to reach these people with the love of Christ. Our desire is to build the church by evangelizing the lost, making disciples and training leaders. 

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