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Lord, Keep Us Faithful

We just made a new addition to our website! As you enter the site, you will be greeted by a recording of a song entitled, "Lord, Keep Us Faithful." It was written by our assistant pastor and dear friend, Cameron Pollock. He has been a faithful partner as we have begun our journey towards the mission field. He is also a gifted musician, and he wanted to write a song for us to sing at churches as we are on deputation. We wanted to give a little bit of background on this piece.

This piece is written out of the desire of our hearts, that the Lord would help us to be faithful to Him. Many missionaries have told us that, the most important characteristic on the field is faithfulness. There are many times in ministry when you feel discouraged, when you wonder why the Lord has led you to the ministry. You are not seeing the results that you want; you are not meeting the expectations that people have for a successful ministry.

It is easy to define success as the world sees it: popularity, numbers and accomplishments. However, sometimes, success in ministry means being faithful, even when you don't see the results you are desiring. Whether through wins or failures, life or death, the goal of ministry is the glory of God. This is what He views as success.

The verse that we claim for our ministry is Acts 20:24: “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God” (ESV). As we testify of the gospel, we pray that the Lord would help us to be faithful, not valuing our own life, but lifting high the name of Christ.

We pray that this song will truly be a testimony of our hearts.

We will praise your name, O Jesus,

For you seek and save the lost.

We will tell of your salvation

And magnify the cross.

We will pray, O Holy Spirit,

For the courage to be bold.

Will you give us grace to follow

When hearts have grown so cold?

We will trust in you, O Father,

For the strength to run this race.

How we long to stand before you,

And look upon your face.


Lord, keep us faithful, true and stable,

As we share the story of your glorious grace.

May our message, in life or death,

Exalt the cross of Jesus Christ.

Special thanks to Peter Anglea for the beautiful piano arrangement and recording.

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Our hearts are burdened for the Ecuadorian people who have never heard the Gospel, people who have been blinded by traditions and customs. We hope to reach these people with the love of Christ. Our desire is to build the church by evangelizing the lost, making disciples and training leaders. 

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