• Jeffrey Mayfield

August Update

August definitely did not go the way we had planned! These ripe, ambitious, naive missionaries expected to get on the road within two weeks of candidate school. However, the Lord had other plans. We did not realize how arduous of a process it is to get prayer cards and create a video presentation. Every time we thought we were finished, there seemed to be another delay. While waiting was difficult, the Lord gave us so many reminders that He is for us, and He will direct us according to His timetable, nor ours. As Proverbs 16:9 says, "The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps." We are thankful for times of learning during times of waiting.

Finally, on September 3rd, we were able to present our ministry at our sending church. We are so thankful for how the Lord has prepared our hearts for this presentation. Everything went smoothly, and the Lord certainly provided much grace to us during the presentation.

We are so thankful for our church family. They graciously listened to the "Beta Version" of our presentation, and they lovingly gave us advice and recommendations to help make our presentation more polished. We are so humbled by the encouragement and support we have received form our church family.

We are currently in the process of scheduling meetings for the fall. Please pray with us as we work to establish meetings. So far we only have two meetings: September 17th - Tri-City Baptist Church in Millbrook, AL, and then Calvary Baptist Church in Loganville, GA on November 5th. We have contacted several pastors in the Greenville area, so we are praying that the Lord would provide meetings as we follow up with these churches. If you are would like us to come and present at your church, please contact us. You can reach us through Facebook or the contact form on our website

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Our hearts are burdened for the Ecuadorian people who have never heard the Gospel, people who have been blinded by traditions and customs. We hope to reach these people with the love of Christ. Our desire is to build the church by evangelizing the lost, making disciples and training leaders. 

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