• Jeffrey Mayfield

February Update

“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us;

Yes, establish the work of our hands” (Psalm 90:17).

February was a fruitful month for the Mayfields, and we have truly seen God's favor upon us. Sometimes, His favor comes through trials, times that God uses to, in love, draw us closer to Himself. Sometimes God’s favor comes through God granting our petitions as we have presented them to Him. This month, we are thankful to the Lord because He has granted our petitions. While we have done much work, the LORD is the One Who established everything we have done. He is worthy of all praise.

February began with us closing our apartment lease in Greenville. Our travels will not take us back to Greenville for any extended period of time, so we are using Lisa’s parent’s home as a hub during our travels. On Thursday, February 8th, we packed up a U-Haul and made a 13-hour trip to Pennsylvania. While the trip was long, the Lord provided a clear path for us, and our trip went smoothly without any difficulty. With that transition, we had to change our residency to Pennsylvania. While trips to the DMV are never enjoyable, we praise the Lord for allowing us to be able to switch everything over in a considerable short amount of time!

We had our first meeting on Sunday, February 11th in Lebanon, PA. This was a very special meeting, as this is the church where Lisa grew up, as well as the church where I was a youth intern. It was such a blessing to be able to see friends, family and many people who had a part in where we are today. Through that meeting, the Lord provided two individual supporters! This is such an encouragement to us, and we praise the Lord for these blessings!

Our next two meetings were in western Pennsylvania. Both meetings were very encouraging. We were blessed through the Love Offerings that the churches gave to us. We enjoyed the fellowship with other believers, as well as the opportunities to see different ministries. We had several people commit to pray for us on a daily basis. It is encouraging and humbling to think that people take the time to pray for us every day. Missions is the Lord’s work, so we are thankful for those who faithfully pray that God would help us to get to the field, as well as those who pray for our future ministry in Ecuador!

Our next set of meetings is in Illinois. We may actually be traveling while you are reading this update! We began our journey yesterday afternoon, and we stopped for the night in Cambridge, OH. We will continue the remainder of the trip today. Lord-willing, we will arrive in Wataga, IL later this evening. Tomorrow begins a 3-day Missions Conference at Brunswick Community Church. This is our first Conference, and we are very excited about this opportunity.

It has been a busy month, and our hearts are full of praise to the Lord. We are excited for another month of meetings in March. We are so thankful to be on the deputation road. We know that so many people have been praying for us; it has been so evident. Thank you for your partnership!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

1. Praise for a smooth transition to Pennsylvania.

2. Praise for the Lord’s provision of 2 individual supporters.

3. Pray for more financial support.

4. Pray for wisdom in knowing where and when to schedule future meetings.

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Our hearts are burdened for the Ecuadorian people who have never heard the Gospel, people who have been blinded by traditions and customs. We hope to reach these people with the love of Christ. Our desire is to build the church by evangelizing the lost, making disciples and training leaders. 

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