• Jeffrey Mayfield

April Update

“Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth;

unite my heart to fear your name.” ~ Psalm 86:11

April was a great month of learning! God is good and gracious to help us in learning new things. This month, we were reminded that our goal in learning should not be to simply expand our knowledge. As we learn, our goal should be knowing God more. The more we know Him, the deeper we love him and more we fear Him.

We were in Ecuador from April 3rd-20th. The first part of our trip consisted of our Field Conference with our mission team from Biblical Ministries Worldwide. The conference was very stimulating. The overall theme focused on the fact that our lives are a pilgrimage. Maintaining a pilgrim mindset will affect many different areas of our lives. We were specifically challenged in the areas of stewardship, conflict and forgiveness. God is very good to show us areas in which we need to grow. Another part of our conference was used to focus on the history, philosophy and vision for ministry in Ecuador. These discussions were helpful and enlightening.

The second part of our trip was used as a survey trip. We were able to visit Guano, where we will be spending our first year on the field. We were also able to visit 3 different cities, Triunfo, Cumandá and Pallatanga. There are people in these cities who desire for someone to come and teach them about the Bible. Sadly, there are only two missionary families on the field with Biblical Ministries Worldwide. There are two more coming, but that is still not enough people to reach these places. If we had 6 additional families, we might be able to reach these cities. And these are just the places where we have contacts. We came away from this trip with a deeper burden for Ecuador. Please pray that the Lord will bring more laborers to Ecuador!

Last week, we were able to spend time with our home/sending church. This was extremely refreshing for us. We truly enjoyed the fellowship with our church family. We were able to participate in a leadership retreat that focused on being faithful until the end. This was another platform of learning for us; it was also a good opportunity to see how God is working in our church. It was a blessing to see this, especially since we are on the road so much. We praise the Lord for Community Baptist Church!

This weekend we will be at Bethany Community Fellowship Church in Sylvania, OH. This is our only scheduled meeting for May. We are thankful for some down time, as that allows us to focus on scheduling additional meetings. Jeff has several upcoming speaking engagements, so we are thankful for extra time to study and prepare. For our full itinerary, please click HERE.

On a personal note, last month we announced to family and friends that we are expecting our first child in September. This week, we learned that we are expecting a BOY! We are very thankful for this gift from God, and we praise Him for a healthy, growing baby. Another blessing is that since our last update, our support level has increased from 22% to 31%!

Praise and Prayer:

1. Praise: Encouraging Field Conference/Survey Trip

2. Praise: Refreshing time at Community Baptist Church

3. Praise: Growing support

4. Pray: More workers for Ecuador

5. Pray: Wisdom in scheduling meetings

6. Pray: Lisa’s pregnancy

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Our hearts are burdened for the Ecuadorian people who have never heard the Gospel, people who have been blinded by traditions and customs. We hope to reach these people with the love of Christ. Our desire is to build the church by evangelizing the lost, making disciples and training leaders. 

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